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Kaohsiung City held the 2022 Penglai Commercial Port and Kaohsiung Music Center dual-stage New Year's Eve party. On December 31, 2021, the Kaohsiung circular light rail transported 70,858 people, setting the largest volume since light rail operation.

Route Map

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All Routes
All Routes The Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System currently has Red and Orange Lines, a light rail, Gangshan/Luzhu extension, and others.
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Opened Routes
In Service The Red Line is 28.3 km and the Orange Line is 14.4 km for a total of 42.7 km, and there are 38 stations.
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Constructing Routes
Under Construction Light rail Phase II covers Gushan, Zuoying, Sanmin, and Lingya districts, with a total distance of 13.4 km.
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Planning Routes
Under Planning The starting point of the Gangshan/Luzhu extension connects to the Phase I of Gangshan Station, and the total distance is 11.63 km.
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