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Mass Rapid Transit Bureau, Kaohsiung City

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 The planning of the long-term network


The Phase One of the mass rapid transit system (MRTS) developed network in Kaohsiung metropolitan area consists of the Red Line, Orange Line, Blue Line, Brown Line and the Line Extension for Talao, Pingtung and Kangshang area. The Red Line and Orange Line, approved by the Executive Yuan, have been incorporated in implementation at the Stage One of Phase One, MRTS developed network. The transportation planning data was based on feasibility studies in 1988, then was renewed and revised by the International Transit consultants (ITC) during November 1991 and November 1993. Most of the original social-economic data are out-of-date and are not able to satisfy the need of planning. In view of the enhancement in standard of living, the taking shape of satellite towns adjacent to Kaohsiung metropolitan area, and the increase in tourism due to implementation of the two-day weekend, the related transportation planning data need updating. Above all, a succession of highly significant construction projects such as the Taiwan High Speed Rail project, the Taiwan Rail Underground project, and the Multi-functional Trade Park have been put into action, and so the city's development in Kaohsiung metropolitan area have changed drastically. Consequently, it is necessary to do the transportation planning in respect to current social-economic development, travel demand, and layout of the integrated MRTS network. Therefore, to realize the integrated developed MRTS planning and the comprehensive planning of public transport in Kaohsiung metropolitan area as soon as possible, the Mass Rapid Transit Bereau, Kaohsiung City (KMRT), commissioned THI Consultants Inc. in December 1998 and 2011, to undertake the transportation planning of the long-term MRTS network.

Project Content 
  • Survey and update social-economic data which depend on the city growth and related vital construction projects in the Kaohsiung metropolitan area.
  • Check and renew the model of the transportation planning and forecast the volume of passengers.
  • Plan the long-term mass rapid transit system network in Kaohsiung metropolitan area.
  • Complete the planning of the line extensions for Pintung and Kangshang area.
  • Complete the feasibility studies of line extensions, including Yuchang, Wuchia, Chichin and Luchu.
  • Check and plan the integrated public transport.
Planning Scope 

The scope of this transportation planning is the Kaohsiung metropolitan area, including Kaohsiung City, and nine townships and cities of Pintung County. For further details, please refer to the attached map.

Project Progress 
  • In order to provide the data for the forecast of social-economic development and travel demand, the project will do a great deal of data collection, including home interview surveys, cordon surveys, screen-line surveys, speed surveys and transit terminal passenger surveys in 2011 to 2013.
  • Depending on the checks of the social-economic trend in the Kaohsiung metropolitan area, model the social-economic developed forecasting model and estimate the travel demand.
  • KMRT has submitted the results of this study to the Central Government for approval since April 23 and May 14 2001 respectively. Those results include Pingtung, Kangshang and Luchu Extension Lines' preceded plans, comprehensive planning reports and financial plans, as well as the planning reports of the other line extensions such as Chichin, Yuchang, Wuchia, and the reviews of the proposed Yellow and Brown Lines.

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