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Mass Rapid Transit Bureau, Kaohsiung City

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 Light Rail System - Project Content

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The LRT Project, which was planned to form a loop rapid transit line, starts at the intersection of Yixin 1st Rd. and Kaixuan 3rd Rd.(TRA Qianzhen Shunting Yard) and runs through the downtown area along major transportation arteries such as Kaisyuan Rd., Chenggon Rd., Sin-Guang Rd., Sanduo 5th Rd., Haibian Rd., over Love river, Gongyuan 2nd Rd., Refute two special and regional, Penglai Rd., Linhaixin Rd., and then finally merges into the western trunk of the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA).

  • Length of route: 22.1 km
  • LRT stops: 37
  • Depots: TRA Qianzhen Shunting Yard (local train service)
  • Construction cost: NT$ 16.500 billion
  • Right-of-way: LRT sited at grade with segregated right-of-way
  • Track work: 1,435mm standard gauge
  • Power supply: cantenary-free line, 750V
  • Light rail vehicles: vehicle width 2.4 ~ 2.65m, 100% low-floor
  • Light rail stops: platform width 2.5 m, height 35 cm (to corporate with low-floor vehicle)
  • Two-phase construction

| Preface | Objective | Project Content | Download | Benefits | 3D Simulation | LRT in a brief | Q&A |
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