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Mass Rapid Transit SystemMass Rapid Transit System also named " Metro " or " Subway ". The Mass Rapid Transit System is a public transportation system, using electric-powered rolling stock running in its own right-of-way on guideway facilities at-grade, underground, or elevated, free from interference with other ground traffic, to transport large volumes of passengers at high speeds and with short headway, in the city and its adjacent areas.

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* Orange line

This is a west-east line. It starts at National Sun Yat-sen University from the west, and ends at Taliao in Kaohsiung County at the east. The total length of this line is 14.4 km, and it includes 14 stations,1 main depot, most of which are underground except OT1 station.

* Red line

This is a north-south line. It starts from Chiaotou in the north, and ends at Linhai Industrial District in the south. The total length of this line is 28.3km, of which 19.8km are underground, and 8.5 km are elevated. This line has 23 stations and 2 line depots.
The total length of Orange and Red Lines is 42.7 km, of which 80.1% is underground, and 19.9% is elevated.

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Construction Costs & Sharing Ratio
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The KMRT total Construction Costs are NT$181.4 billion. The Costs include the items shall be in charge by government is NT$46.1 billion, The government investment is NT$104.8 billion, and Private investment is NT$30.5 billion. Central, City and County Government Construction Costs sharing ratio as following:

  Responsible Unit ]H^
  Central Government 79
  Kaohsiung County 2
  Kaohsiung City 19
  Total 100
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* Rem :The Kaohsiung City and County will share the budget based upon the length of the route in their respective districts.

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Joint development is a plan to develop property through public and private cooperation.
Joint development is designed to integrate land development and transportation facilities, thereby benefiting both public and private sectors.

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Planning, Construction and Operation of KMRT
JOINT DEVELOPMENTThe "Regulations Governing Construction of the Rapid Transit System by Private Enterprises" promulgated in December 5, 1994 states that KMRT will be planned by Kaohsiung City Government and be constructed and operated by private enterprises.
Kaohsiung City Government invited private enterprises to tender for the construction and operation of the Orange and Red Lines on February 1, 1999 and has been negotiating with the potential investors since June 1999.

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The Construction Method
* Cut and Cover Method

Widely used for the construction of underground stations, at junctions between tracks where larger spans are required or areas which are geological unsuitable for the Bored Tunnel Method. Temporary decks will be installed at ground level as soon as the tunnels or station are excavated to enable the traffic to be restored. All levels of the underground structure will then be constructed under the temporary decks to minimize the impact on the environment and traffic.

* Bored Tunnel Method

Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) drive the tunnels from shafts or stations at depths of between six and twenty-four meters below ground level. Linings are installed immediately behind the face of the TBM as the excavation proceeds until the TBM reaches the end of the drive. Both ends of the bored tunnels usually connect stations or Cut and Cover Tunnels. All of the construction activities, with the exception of the construction of the shafts, are carried out below the ground and minimize damage to the roads. This minimizes the impact on the environment and the traffic.

Station Equipment
* Convenience

Special elevators for the handicapped and high capacity escalators will be provided.

* Automation

An automatic fare collection system, including Automatic Ticket Issuing Machines, Automatic Gates and Special Gates for the handicapped will be provided.

* General Service

Public address, CCTV, visual information facilities and emergency telephones will be provided.

* Safety

Stations are provided with an Uninterrupted Power System. In case of a power failure, the entire emergency lights, escalators, elevators, fire hydrants, sewage pump, and the tunnel ventilation system will maintain operation. Low smoke, fire resistance, and non-toxic smoke cables will be used for stations' power supply and distribution to minimize the risk to passengers during a fire.

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To implement a safe, comfortable and obstacle-free system, The KMRT provide facilities that are easy to access and convenient for passengers.

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KMRT System is controlled by computer from control center. Without the hindrance of traffic lights, the trains will be on schedule. The rush-hour headway is two minutes. The travel time of Red line from Linhai Industrial Park to Chiaotou is about 50 minutes. The Orange line from National Sun Yat-sen University to Taliao is about 25 minutes.

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