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橫幅動畫:O5/R10 美麗島站,光之穹頂 — 旅遊網站評選世界第二美麗地鐵車站 橫幅動畫:R9 中央公園站,飛揚 — 旅遊網站評選世界第四美麗地鐵車站 橫幅動畫:環狀輕軌第一列列車上線測試 橫幅動畫:環狀輕軌第一列列車運抵高雄 橫幅動畫:亞洲新灣區 — 輕進高雄 幸福軌跡 橫幅動畫:亞洲新灣區 — 輕進高雄 幸福軌跡
History and Organization
Overview of construction
Landscape and Public Art at KMRT Stations
The planning of the long-term network
Light rail system

 Light Rail System - Preface
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The Red and Orange lines of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area Mass Rapid Transit System are continually operating. To view into current situation of public transportation system of Kaoshiung Area , the inadequate transportation facilities, as well as theirs poor service quality, for a long time being, has led to the low utility rate. However, the present public transportation environment still not being healthy-developed yet, that may reduce the effectiveness of Red and Orange lines. Therefore, how to make riding public transportation a habit, which may bring to the increasing of the effectiveness of Red and Orange lines, becomes the main urgent issue.

The MRT system of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area was operation. The construction of South-North and East-West cross loop network is expected to increase the whole performance of public transportation system network, and quality of shuttle transportation as well, that performs the preliminary transportation network miniature, and rises up citizen's moving quality.


| Preface | Objective | Project Content | Download | Benefits | 3D Simulation | LRT in a brief | Q&A |
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